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"Tell me about the key, Papa Gene," Mandy said, taking it off the nail where it always hung in his workshop.
"Can you keep a secret?"
"Of course I can," Mandy replied, leaning closer to hear her grandfather's hushed voice.
"A century ago, out near Little Crumple, something terrible happened." . . .
After hearing a tragic tale from the past, Mandy wonders about the key. Why was it in the first lighthouse keeper's pocket? Is his ghost searching for the key at the lighthouse? Is it the key to a treasure box?
Now her beloved grandfather is gone. The key is hers. She is determined to search for the treasure this summer. . . if only she can keep her cousin Nick out of the way long enough.

Can You Use the Scroll to Decode the Treasure Map?

(Use the scroll below to find out what the treasure map says)