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To Order Autographed Books include the name of the person to whom you would like the book signed.

For Celtic Thunder, Celtic Tide and Dogsled Dreamer send $10 ($8 plus $2 for shipping).

For The Lightkeeper's Key, The Whispering Key, The Ghost Minerís Key, The Buccaneer's Key or The Outlaw's Key, send a check for $9.00 ($7 plus $2 for shipping).For the set of all five Key Mysteries, send a check for $35 ($30 for the books plus $5 for shipping).

For Captain's Castaway, Lighthouse Dog to the Rescue, Many Hands, Sirius the Dog Star, or Love From the Sky, please send $12.00 ($10 plus $2 for shipping).

Angeli Perrow 24 Western Ave. Hampden, ME 04444.