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Maine Books, Mysteries, Lighthouses
~Many of Angeli Perrow's books are Maine-related and all are great stories for you to read.~
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THE BLACK KNIGHT'S KEY: In this 10th book in the Key Mystery Series, Nick, Mandy and friends are excited to be staying at an ancient castle in Scotland. After hearing about the legendary Sinclair treasure, guarded by a mysterious White Lady, the children set out on a quest to find it. Someone, though, is desperate to stop them. Is it the ghost of the Black Knight, killed in battle in 1302, and still roaming the glen on his horse? Or his fierce war hound they hear howling on stormy nights? Or could it be the creepy old man they see prowling the grounds with a shovel? After an intruder breaks into the castle, the mystery ramps up and the children are in a race against unknown forces. Will they find the key to the treasure in time? The Black Knight's Key, a suspenseful tale of graves and ghosts, danger and determination, will keep 8-12 year olds reading to the spellbinding conclusion..
THE THUNDERBIRD'S KEY: Mandy, Nick and friends are enjoying a fun time at camp on a lake in northern Maine when they are sucked into another mystery. In this 9th book in the Key Mystery Series, the children are harassed by a trio of trouble-making brothers who live at a nearby camp. Are the men just plain mean, or are they up to something and trying to scare the kids away? Mandy is determined to find out. Nick tells them the tale of the ancient Thunderbirds of Mt. Katahdin who are locked in an eternal battle of good against evil, and then on a faraway shore across the lake, the children make a chilling discovery and find a key. Can this key help them in their search for the truth and perhaps unleash a force to aid them in their own fight against evil. The Thunderbird's Key, an eye-popping mystery of danger and discovery, will give 8-12 year-olds shivers up their spines.
THE SHADOW MAN'S KEY: In this 8th book in the Key Mystery Series, a summer session of the Penobscot Theatre's Dramatic Academy turns into a deeply puzzling experience for Mandy, Nick and friends. Who or what is causing the strange happenings at the old Opera House? Could it be one of the theatre's legendary ghosts, a fireman killed in a historic fire, a mysterious child dressed in white, or is it a real person set on sabotaging the show? As the children prepare for their roles in the play, they find a key which seems to be connected to tragic events of the past. Could it also be the key to revealing the theatre's present hidden secrets? The Shadow Man's Key, a spooky mystery of drama and danger, will keep 8-12 year olds turning the pages until the final curtain..
THE HAUNTED MANSION KEY: Staying at an elegant 'summer cottage' by the sea in famous Bar Harbor, Maine should be a fun, carefree vacation. It isn't long though before Mandy, Nick and companions are hot on the trail of a new mystery in this 7th book in the Key Mystery Series. Threatening messages on their bedroom mirror, spooky noises coming from the tower room, and a sinister stranger who follows them when they walk to town make them wonder what on earth is going on. Along with hidden stairways and secret passageways, the children discover a strange room that belonged to a girl who lived in the house at the time of the Great Fire in 1947. The legend is that she came to a tragic end and her ghost still haunts the old mansion. Will one of the keys they find lead them to the answers they seek?.
THE FORTKEEPER'S KEYS: The Fortkeeper's Keys In this 6th book in the Key Mystery Series, Nick, Mandy and Peyton are caught in a web of intrigue at Old Fort Knox in Maine. They witness a mysterious figure roaming the dark passageways of the fort. Is it a real person determined to wreck the first Summer Fright Night? Or is it the ghost of a soldier who was caretaker of the fort in the 1800s? A strange symbol written on objects in the fort, leads them to investigate rumors of witchcraft across the river in Bucksport. The house where they are staying is right next to an old cemetery containing the gravestone of the town's founder, supposedly cursed by a witch. Trying to solve two mysteries, one in the past and one in the present, they search for a secret tunnel, the identity of the fort's intruder, and what the ancient keys they find unlock. Will they discover the answers before it is too late? The Fortkeeper's Keys, a tale of secrets, exploration and hauntings, takes 8-12 year olds on a journey of danger and discovery..
THE OUTLAW'S KEY: In this fifth book in the Key Mystery Series, Mandy and Nick are joined by Christianne and Noah on a camping trip in a California redwood forest. While panning for gold at a stream, mysterious things begin to happen. Their equipment disappears and they find gigantic footprints on the path. Is the dark figure lurking in the woods the legendary Bigfoot? After finding a key in a hollow tree called the Old Prospector, the children set out to find what it opens. They follow clues to an old, run-down cabin deep in the woods which is filled with secrets and danger. What will the four explorers find there, trouble or treasure?.
THE BUCCANEER'S KEY: Is the mysterious man lurking outside the Crows Nest Inn at night a Colonial actor or the ghost of a notorious pirate? Who left the piece of treasure map pinned to Christianne's doll? And what happened to little Noah's missing parents? During their Florida vacation, Mandy and Nick explore ancient St. Augustine, America's oldest and most haunted city. In a race against time, they try to solve two life-or-death mysteries. Will the strange key found in the inn's widow's walk lead them to the answers in time? Join Mandy, Nick and Christianne in this exciting adventure of pirates, treasure and ghosts galore!.
THE GHOST MINER'S KEY: In this third book of the Key Mystery Series, Mandy and Nick explore an abandoned Nevada gold mine. Deep in the mine they find a dog's skeleton with a mysterious key attached to its collar. Eerie sounds and footsteps in the dark tunnels leave them with questions. Is the mine haunted by the ghosts of the dog and the Old Miner? Are the ghosts trying to send the children a message? Does the key open a treasure box? This action-packed story will keep 8-12 year old readers on the edge of their seat!
THE WHISPERING KEY: Nick and Mandy are back on the trail of a long ago secret in this second cliffhanger of the Key Series! In a haunted farmhouse in New Hampshire, their explorations lead them to a new mystery connected to the Underground Railroad and, once again, put them in danger. Will a mysterious key lead them to the answer in time? Find out in The Whispering Key, a book full of shivers for 8-12 year olds.
THE LIGHTKEEPER'S KEY: Ten-year-old Mandy of Dyer Cove, Maine, and her 12-year-old cousin Nick try to unravel the mystery of strange happenings at the lighthouse. Is it haunted by the first keeper's ghost? An ancient key, a lighthouse legend, a treasure map and a secret code lead them on a search for treasure and a summer of adventure. The Lightkeeper's Key, a spellbinding mystery for readers ages 8-12, will keep kids turning the pages.
LOVE FROM THE SKY: This is the true story of a young girl living on an isolated island off Cape Cod in the 1940s. The six-year-old works alongside her father, the lighthouse keeper of Cuttyhunk Light. The island becomes a magical kingdom in her imagination as she romps and explores with her loyal dog Rex. Welcome to the world of Seamond Ponsart, who has everything a girl could want. . . except one thing. Her mother helps her write a letter to the Flying Santa, the man who drops care packages from a plane at Christmas time to lighthouse families, asking for a special gift. This heartwarming story is for ages 4-10.
DOGSLED DREAMER: Once there was a feisty and fearless little girl who had a dream. Inger Knudsen, a Danish girl born in Greenland and raised with the native Inuit, was determined to have her own dogsled and team. In the 1920s, girls did not drive dogsleds. It just wasn't done. But Inger did not let the accepted views of the time hold her back. Dogsled Dreamer is the nonfiction story of how her dream came true. It is also about the importance of community, of people caring for each other.
Lupine Award MANY HANDS: This book received the 2010 Lupine Award! The award is given to the best picture book by a Maine author or illustrator published in the previous year. In this gentle tale, illustrated with soft, yet vibrant watercolors, and woven with words from the Penobscot dialect, young Lily learns a valuable lesson about pride and her place in the village.

CELTIC LEGEND: Is the Loch Ness Monster for real? In this last book in the Celtic Touch Trilogy, Xander and Brynn travel to Scotland to spend the week with their Irish friends Kevin and Donal at Rowan Farm on the bank of Loch Ness. As Xander struggles with heartache and uncertainty in her relationships, the four teens get caught up in a rivalry between two men obsessed with proving the existence of the Monster. Nessie sightings and hoaxes keep their heads spinning. While lost on the loch on a foggy night, they make a startling discovery of their own that could launch them to fame. Canoeing, horseback riding, castle exploring, and Monster hunting make for an action-packed story as the teens search for an answer to the mysterious riddle and find much more than they bargained for. Plunge into the excitement with Xander, Brynn, Kevin and Donal in their latest fast-paced adventure enhanced with humor and light romance.
CELTIC TIDE: How can one teenage girl get herself into so many predicaments? That's what Xander keeps asking herself as she deals with boys, horses and adventures-gone-wrong. In this sequel to Celtic Thunder, the two boys she and Brynn met in Ireland are coming to Maine to visit the girls at Christmas time. Xander finds herself in the middle of a date quandary as the winter Sno-Ball approaches. With two dates for the big dance, she tries to hold onto them both, which leads to high jinx and heartache. Meanwhile, she and Brynn take their Irish visitors to Maine's beautiful Acadia National Park where they experience some thrilling and chilling adventures. Hiking, horseback riding, cave exploring, sleigh rides, a Native American celebration and a ski joring competition keep things moving along in this action-packed story. Jump on a horse and join Xander, Brynn, Kevin and Donal in their latest fast-paced adventure laced with humor and light romance.
CELTIC THUNDER: What do you get when you put an insecure, inexperienced, but spunky teen on a spirited horse? A laugh a minute. Fifteen-year-old Xander Moloney receives an exciting invitation from her friend Brynn to go on an all-expense-paid horse riding tour in Ireland. The problem? She doesn't know how to ride! On the sly, she takes English riding lessons with hilarious results. While in Ireland, she meets new challenges like staying on a runaway horse, riding down the side of a mountain, and overcoming her fear of heights to save a friend. In the process, she grows from an awkward, naive girl to a more confident person who discovers she can do just about anything she tackles. Along the way, she experiences magical Ireland, the history, the people, the legends, the music, the dance, the food, the spectacular scenery, and has her first romance. This humorous, fast-paced adventure takes the reader for a ride she'll never forget!
CAPTAIN'S CASTAWAY tells the heartwarming story of Seaboy, a brave seafaring dog, who is shipwrecked in a fierce storm and rescued by the lighthouse keeper's daughter at Great Duck Island.

LIGHTHOUSE DOG TO THE RESCUE is about Spot, a remarkable spaniel who lived at Owls Head Light with the keeper's family in the 1930s. He learned to ring the fog bell to greet passing boats and came to the rescue of the Matinicus mailboat one stormy winter night.

SIRIUS, THE DOG STAR features Sirius, the beloved Newfoundland dog of a young crew member on board the ship Goldhunter. When the ship wrecks in a December gale, the big dog saves the crew by pulling them to safety at Boon Island.

This fascinating coloring book contains drawings and information about 20 of Maine's best-known lighthouses.
LINDSEY THE LIGHTHOUSE: The exciting and heart-warming story of an unwanted lighthouse who saves the day, written in coloring book format. Story by Tim Harrison and illustrations by Angeli Perrow.