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Angeli Perrow can visit your Maine school!

Three or four times a year, Angeli takes time from her busy teaching schedule to visit schools as a Maine children's author. Her program can be tailored to meet your needs. Usually, the focus is either the writing process or Maine lighthouses.

For example, a 45-minute session with a lighthouse focus might include: sharing one of her lighthouse picture books, answering children's questions, a lighthouse game in which students learn about some of Maine's lighthouses, and singing a lighthouse song.

A 45-minute session with a writing focus might include: sharing one of her picture books, discussing the writing/publishing process, showing original drafts of the story, and engaging students in a writing activity.

A new writing workshop session touches on writing a good lead, using strong verbs and writing descriptive sentences, as well as some practical tips on revision. Some illustrating can also be included (Angeli is an elementary art teacher.).

The normal fee is $500 per day with no more than 4 sessions per day preferred. Overnight housing must be provided for long-distance drives or two-day author visits.

Angeli will also visit libraries for a flat fee of $100 to do a one-session presentation.

Recently, Angeli has added a writing workshop for homeschooled groups in the Bangor area at $10 per student with a minimum of 8 students. You provide the meeting place.

To discuss an author visit, call Angeli at (207)862-6879 or email at lighthouse_007@hotmail.com