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The Fortkeeper's Keys In this 6th book in the Key Mystery Series, Nick, Mandy and Peyton are caught in a web of intrigue at Old Fort Knox in Maine. They witness a mysterious figure roaming the dark passageways of the fort. Is it a real person determined to wreck the first Summer Fright Night? Or is it the ghost of a soldier who was caretaker of the fort in the 1800s? A strange symbol written on objects in the fort, leads them to investigate rumors of witchcraft across the river in Bucksport. The house where they are staying is right next to an old cemetery containing the gravestone of the town’s founder, supposedly cursed by a witch. Trying to solve two mysteries—one in the past and one in the present—they search for a secret tunnel, the identity of the fort’s intruder, and what the ancient keys they find unlock. Will they discover the answers before it is too late? The Fortkeeper’s Keys, a tale of secrets, exploration and hauntings, takes 8-12 year olds on a journey of danger and discovery.


Celtic Legend Is the Loch Ness Monster for real? In this last book in the Celtic Touch Trilogy, Xander and Brynn travel to Scotland to spend the week with their Irish friends Kevin and Donal at Rowan Farm on the bank of Loch Ness. As Xander struggles with heartache and uncertainty in her relationships, the four teens get caught up in a rivalry between two men obsessed with proving the existence of the Monster. Nessie sightings and hoaxes keep their heads spinning. While lost on the loch on a foggy night, they make a startling discovery of their own that could launch them to fame. Canoeing, horseback riding, castle exploring, and Monster hunting make for an action-packed story as the teens search for an answer to the mysterious riddle and find much more than they bargained for. Plunge into the excitement with Xander, Brynn, Kevin and Donal in their latest fast-paced adventure enhanced with humor and light romance.

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